VVRA Newsletter October 2014


Well quite a lot has happened since the last newsletter I must admit.  Apart from the fact that we are full swing into summer and still no rain , experienced some water shortages or no water with everyone blaming everyone else, and a couple of unplanned long power outages, we are all hopefully doing well. 


Firstly as per normal a big thank you for Wendy Redl from Harcourts and Platinum Residential for sponsoring our weekly cleaner who goes out on a Tuesday and Friday.  Indran Govender for overseeing this for the last couple of months and Heavens Kitchen for sponsoring lunch for him.


The committee members and some residents participated in the vlei clean-up with well over 60 bags of rubbish being collected by 36 people, but due to the number of people we were only able to cover a portion of the vlei.  While participating in the vlei clean-up we have noted and reported residents dumping building rubble, actual rubbish including loads of nappies from the one complex and garden refuse into the vlei.  Please note that the vlei is a dedicated wetland and this totally interferes with the natural cycle of the wetland.  There is an incredible amount of erosion in the vlei and we also identified open sewerage flowing into the vlei – hence the aromatic smells we have all smelt lately. 

Councillor James was with us and these issues will be taken further up the chain to City Parks etc.  A big thank you to TRS for supplying the guarding for the vehicles, SAPS  - Sgt Nkatinga for being on standby and going between the different area’s while we were cleaning up, Pik-It- Up for supplying the bags and then collecting the bags on Sunday for us.  Lastly but definitely not least, a big thank you to the committee members and the residents who gave up their time on the Saturday to participate in this event.


We started with phase 1 of the Greig Street entrance, which was the installation of the balls to stop cars pulling off and eroding the pavements, we are hoping over time that the grass will grow back onto the verges.  Here again a HUGE THANK YOU TO WENDY REDL (082 451 8365) from Harcourts AND HARCOURTS MIDRAND for their sponsorship of this.  Phase 2 will be the finishing of the garden, which should take place on the 18th October 2014.


Our committee has gone through a change over the last month with a couple of people resigning due to work commitments.  May we take this opportunity to thank Sugandree Mudely and Indran Govender for their help and assistance over the last 6 months, but both have decided to resign from the committee.  Congratulations to both Marianne Nel who is our new Chairperson, and Carol Thornton our secretary, we know you guys are going to lead the team from strength to strength. 

On this note we would appeal to residents to come on board and assist, we urgently need someone to take charge of the gardening portfolio, this would include trying to get sponsorship from a garden service in the area to come on board with respect to watering and maintenance of the gardens.  This is what is holding us back with respect to redoing the Harry Galaun garden especially.   We also require someone to assist with the cleaner, i.e. for him to come to you in the morning around 8:00 and then again in the afternoon between 15:00 and 16:00 on a Tuesday and Friday.  This is just to ensure that he gets some breakfast and lunch (both sponsored), pick up equipment and bags and change into his uniform.

If there is anyone who can assist the committee with these two categories, please email Marianne on info@vvra.co.za.  


Over the last year we have logged 261 incidents with council of which 41 are still open and 220 (84%) of the calls are closed.

Please go to www.vvra.co.za and register to log calls for us to keep track of and take up with council. If you have reported the call, please add the ref. no to your logged call.  We will be meeting with our new service delivery manager from council over the next couple of weeks to discuss ongoing calls and doing a drive around Vorna Valley with her.

If you are unable to log a call online, or over the phone to council, please email incidents@vvra.co.za.


Animals in Distress will be celebrating World Animal day with a walk on the 26 October 2014 starting at 8:00 at the Paddock – plot 20 Moerdyk street.  Socialised dogs on leads walk for free.  There is a 2.5km walk and entrance is R50.00 and a 5km walk with entrance being R60.00.  Please contact fundraiser@animalsindistress.org.za for further details.


The hot weather is here and the rains will start soon, so be aware that ticks follow.  In some areas in Midrand it is always tick season.  Even if you keep your animals enclosed in your garden, ticks will be around.

This means that your dog has a high risk of contracting biliary, that leads to anaemia and if not treated early, it can lead to death of the dog.  Symptoms include poor appetite, listlessness and very pale gums.  If you see this, it is necessary that you take your dog to your vet immediately. 

Prevention - There are excellent preventative remedies on the market sold at the vets, in good quality pet shops, and at Midfeeds in Bluehills.  Give your vet a call and see what is recommended. However, you need to treat the dog regularly according to the instructions (usually once a month) and continue to check the dog for ticks

Removing the tick - Part the hair where the tick is and grab the tick by the head and mouth area where it enters the skin. You can use tweezers or rubber gloves. Pull off the tick carefully, and squash, burn or put in alcohol. The toilet doesn’t kill it! It is important to take it by the head because if you just pull off the body, the tick head remains behind causing irritation and/or infection.

Your dog is part of your family, take care of him/her and prevent the tick bites.  Remember also Vet’s bills for treatment are expensive. So STOP the ticks.


As we are coming up to fireworks season (starting off later this month with Diwali and continuing with Guy Fawkes Day, Christmas and New Year) we appeal to all residents to approach this season with compassion and respect for each and everyone’s cultures.  We especially would like people to take note of all of our “furkids” (to use a term used by Barking Mad).  Many animals become hugely distressed with all the loud noises.  If you, as an owner, know that your animal becomes distressed, please take note of this and take precautionary measures as per below.  We have also put in a copy of the city by laws with respect to Fire Works with the days allowed and rules governing the letting off of fireworks.

Dogs have a far more developed sense of hearing than humans.  The sounds made by fireworks are mild to the human ear, but terrifying to the canine ear. Those dogs that are afraid of loud noises        (this can be judged by a dog’s reaction to a thunderstorm) can injure themselves while trying to escape the noise.  If your dog is scared of loud noises a good idea would be to get them micro chipped before the fireworks season starts, and to approach your vet for an oral tranquilliser.

Whether dogs are sedated or not, it is very important to provide a “bolt hole” or “safe room”, i.e. A quiet, dark space which dogs can go to where they will feel more at ease. This should ideally be inside the house. It is good if the owner can stay with them.  Continued reassurance from the owner goes a long way to allaying the dogs’ fears. Closing the blinds or curtains and playing loud (but relaxing) music will also help.

Most of this advice applies equally to cats and, up to a point, other pets and wild animals.




City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality







Use of fireworks prohibited in certain circumstances



(1) Unless so authorised in terms of section 33, no person may use fireworks –

(a) within 500 metres of any explosives factory, explosives storage place, petrol depot or petrol station;

(b) inside any building;

(c) on any agricultural holding;

(d) at any public place; or

(e) at any school, old age home or hospital. 


(2) No person may light or ignite fireworks in any place where animals are present.


(3) Unless so authorised in terms of section 33, no person may light or ignite fireworks on any day or at any time except -


(a) New Years Eve from 23h00 to 01h00;

(b) New Years Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(c) Hindu New Year from 19h00 to 22h00;

(d) Lag b’omer from 19h00 to 22h00;

(e) Chinese New Year from 19h00 to 22h00;

(f) Human Rights Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(g) Freedom Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(h) Guy Fawkes Day from 19h00 to 22h00;

(i) Divali from 19h00 to 22h00;

(j) Christmas Eve from 19h00 to 22h00; and

(k) Day of Goodwill from 19h00 to 22h00.


(4) No person may allow any minor under his or her control to use, light or ignite fireworks in contravention of subsection (1), (2) or (3).


Offences and penalties


107. Any person who –

(a) Contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of these by-laws;

(b) Fails to comply with any notice issued or displayed in terms of these By-laws;

(c) Fails to comply with any lawful instruction given in terms of these By-laws; or

(d) Obstructs or hinders, or improperly influences or attempts to do so, any

Authorised representative or employee of the Council in the execution of his or her duties or performance of his or her powers or functions under these By-laws;


is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine (of R1500) or in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, and in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine not exceeding R50, or in default of payment, to imprisonment not exceeding one day, for every day during the continuance of such offence, after a written notice has been issued by the Council, and served on the person concerned, requesting the discontinuance of such offence.




Please find below a quick guide to logging matters in the City of Johannesburg. If you have logged an issue and it hasn't been attended to in a reasonable length of time there is likely a reason for it; please let the VVRA know about such instances and we will do our best to escalate the issue, please email us on incidents@vvra.co.za or log onto our website www.vvra.co.za and log the call.  The more detail with the call logged, the better chance we have of ensuring that the call is logged with the correct department.


0113755555 = 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74) – this is the best way to go as one gets a reference number automatically.

* City Power: www?.?citypower?.?co?.?za and click "Fault Reporting"

* Joburg Water: customerservice@jwater.co.za

* Joburg Roads: hotline@jra.org.za

* Pikitup: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74)

* City Parks: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74)

* JMPD: 011 375 5911

* Revenue: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74) / joburgconnect@joburg.org.za


Reporting of incidents such as Traffic Signals, Potholes, Signage, Storm water, Manhole covers and other general issues resorting under the Joburg Roads Agency, can also be reported on your mobile phone or tablet using the JRA Find and Fix application which is available from your application store.  A reference number is issued online and progress on the resolution of the incident is provided.



Every year we arrange for Father Christmas to deliver presents to children of residents of Vorna Valley. More information will be sent shortly.


That’s all for now… and remember, “If you see something, Say something”!

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Best Regards

The Vorna Valley Residents Association.




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