VVRA Newsletter November 2014





Dear Vorna Valley Resident

We are almost at the end of a very eventful year and this will be our last newsletter for 2014, and we hope you have enjoyed reading it every month.  As your Residents Association we have tried very hard to improve the upkeep of Vorna Valley by liaising with our sponsors, our Councillor and the various departments of our Council and we hope that you have noticed an improvement.  We appreciate all of the input we have received from residents and hope that you will continue to communicate with us in 2015.


A big thank you to our regular monthly sponsors:-

To Wedy Redl from Harcourts and Platinum Residential for sponsoring the two days that our cleaner goes out to pick up the litter on the roads, and to Heavens Kitchen for regularly supplying lunch for our cleaner.

Thank you to Mica Hardware from Midway Mews for sponsoring a new lock for the gate on Harry Galaun and the use of their bolt cutter to get the old rusted lock off.

Mark McDonald from Leogem, who has come on board and will be sponsoring a third day for the weekly cleaner / gardener.  We will now have someone going out 3 days a week looking after our suburb with respect to cleaning and greening the area.  Mark has also offered to sponsor our Father Christmas suit.

La Ruth Complex for assisting us in the cleaning up of the vlei area behind the complex.  There was loads of rubbish that had been thrown over the wall from residents of the complex and when this was bought to the attention of the trustee’s they did not bat an eye and offered to go in and clean up the nappies and other rubbish, thank you to Visheen Gunas for sorting out this issue for us.

Colleen Bowen who will be organising Father Christmas event this year, thank you for all the assistance is doing this.

And last but not least, a big thank you to those individuals who have taken the time to report issues to the VVRA. Without the support of our residents this would be extremely difficult. We hope to see more of you getting involved with reporting issues in 2015 so that we can all be proud to live in Vorna Valley.


Just a reminder to those who have not yet booked a visit from Father Christmas on the 6 December, his diary is filling up very quickly and we only have a few slots left.  If you would like to organise a visit from Father Christmas to your child at your house, please email info@vvra.co.za.  The cost of the visit is R150.00 which includes the present for your child / children / grandparents or even husband or wife.


Please may we ask all residents not to throw, building rubble, garden rubbish or any other rubbish over your walls. Apart from this being illegal it just brings down the look of the area!  We will be issuing you with letters giving you 14 days to clean up. If not removed in this time frame, Council will be called in to remove the rubbish on your behalf and you will be issued with a fine and the bill for removing your rubbish. This is also applicable to residents living on the Vlei.  There are too many residents throwing rubbish over their wall into the Vlei. So we suggest you take a look at your pavement or behind your wall on the Vlei and make an effort to clean up the rubbish that has been dumped there. This would be greatly appreciated.


As I am sure you have all noticed that the garden on Greig Street has been completed.  Thank you to Wendy Redl of Harcourts Midrand and Harcourts Midrand for sponsoring this corner and balls to stop people pulling off on the side of the road and destroying the grass verges.   Also to the committee members and residents who gave up their Saturday and assisted in this.


Thank you to the Estate Agents who do follow the bylaws with respect to advertising, but it seems that there is a new trend starting and that some Agents are just totally ignoring the bylaws with respect to advertising.  Please note that any illegal signage will be removed in future.

We have attached below, an extract from the bylaws with respect to Estate Agent advertising.  Signs with respect to property wanted or adhoc for sale signs once again bring down the look of the area and subsequently add to the overall look of being un-kept.  I am sure this must affect perceptions of potential buyers as well.


We are in the process of putting together a history of Vorna Valley and it would be appreciated if you could assist with this.  In our research we found that Anton Hartman Road was named after Dr Anton Carlisle Hartman, a brief history of his life is below – taken from Wikipedia.  If any of the below is incorrect please could you correct us as we would like to get an accurate history of our suburb for all to read.

Anton Hartman – Conductor and Musician

Anton Carlisle Hartman was born at Geduld near 
Johannesburg in South Africa on 26 October 1918.[1] He was head of music and principal conductor at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and head of music at the University of the Witwatersrand. He became a central figure in art music in South Africa during the mid-20th century.  He passed away on the 3 February 1982 at the age of 63.

Anton Hartman was the third of six children of a poor family. His father, Stephanus Lionel, a champion marathon runner, was a mine worker and his mother, Maria Barbara Van Amstel, née Van Ryneveld, a piano teacher. She also played piano accompaniments to the silent movies in the 1920s. Hartman first received piano lessons from his mother when he was about seven years old. He made good progress and was soon playing solo piano works and Lieder accompaniments.

As a child and teenager Anton Hartman was a loyal member of the Voortrekkers movement which was to become a feature in Afrikaans cultural society. He became a leader in his commando.

Hartman obtained the Performer's Licentiate in Piano of the University of South Africa (Unisa) and a BMus degree at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in 1939.  At age 21, Hartman started his career at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in December 1939 and his first position was that of programme compiler of classical music for the Afrikaans service.

In 1948 he was appointed part-time conductor of the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra and the West Rand Municipal Orchestra of Krugersdorp, both of which were amateur orchestras.

In 1944 he married Josina Wilhelmina (Jossie) Boshoff, a singer whom he first met as a secretary at the SABC, he and Jossie left for Europe in 1949. Vienna became a second home. Where they participated in the musical industry.

Upon his return to South Africa late in 1951 Hartman was appointed assistant conductor at the SABC, alongside Jeremy Schulman and Edgar Cree.] His first live broadcast with the SABC Orchestra was on 15 November 1951, Beethoven's Third Symphony (the Eroica) being presented as the main work on the programme.

He passed away on the 3 February 1982 at the age of 63 years.


Please remember if you are going away these holidays to ensure that you pets are looked after, and if you cannot find a house sitter or someone to feed your animals please ensure that they are then put into kennels.

If you do not have a house sitter, please ask your neighbours to remove letters, newspapers and pamphlets from your gate, there is nothing like a big advert saying “Owners on holiday” then piled up letters etc on your gate.

We would like to wish you all a safe journey during this holiday period if you are travelling, and may you all have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  Stay safe and be alert.


Please find below a quick guide to logging matters in the City of Johannesburg. If you have logged an issue and it hasn't been attended to in a reasonable length of time there is likely a reason for it; please let the VVRA know about such instances and we will do our best to escalate the issue.

0113755555 = 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74) – this is the best way to go as one gets a number automatically.

* City Power: www.citypower.co.za and click "Fault Reporting"

* Joburg Water: customerservice@jwater.co.za

* Joburg Roads: hotline@jra.org.za

* Pikitup: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74)

* City Parks: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74)

* JMPD: 011 375 5911

* Revenue: 0860 JOBURG (56 28 74) / joburgconnect@joburg.org.za

That’s all for now… and remember, “If you see something, Say something”!

Please follow us on:

https://www.facebook.com/VornaValleyRA or https://twitter.com/valleyvorna for more updates about our suburb throughout the month.

Best Regards


The Vorna Valley Residents Association.




Advertising signs relating to selling and letting of property

23.(1)   Any of the following advertising signs relating to the letting or selling of property, may be displayed without the approval of Council :

(a)        A sign not exceeding 600mm x 450mm in size containing the words “for sale” , “to let” or “sold” in respect of a dwelling house or residential building and displaying only the name, address and telephone number of the owner of the property or his or her estate agent, must be –

(i)         placed on or attached to the building concerned;

(ii)        attached parallel to a boundary fence or wall of the property concerned;

(iii)       otherwise displayed within the boundaries of the property concerned;

(iv)       on that part of a public street, other than the roadway, on which the property concerned fronts and directly in front of such property; and

(v)        limited, if an estate agent is involved,  to one sign per estate agent per property;

(b)        a single sign per street frontage of a property not exceeding 600mm x 450mm in size, which contains only the word “sold” and the name address and telephone number of the estate agent concerned, in respect of any dwelling house, or residential building, and which –

(i)         is displayed only after every sign specified in paragraph (a) has been removed;

(ii)        is placed, attached or displayed as specified in paragraph (a)(i), (ii) or(iii);

(c)        a single sign not exceeding 6m² in extent per building flat on the façade of

a non-residential building which contains only the words “for sale”, “to let” or “sold” and the name, address and telephone number of the owner or his or her estate agent, or only the word “sold” and the said particulars of the estate

agent, for a period not exceeding 90 days



a sign not exceeding 600mm x 450mm in size, displayed on a vacant residential property, which displays only the words for sale” and the name, address and telephone number of the owner or his or her estate agent concerned, or only the word “sold” and the name address and telephone number of that agent;




a for sale sign must be limited to one sign per estate agent and may be displayed for a period not exceeding 90 days; and


(e)           a single sign not exceeding 6m² in extent per property, on a vacant non- residential property, on which the words “for sale” or “to let” and the name, address and telephone number of the owner or his or her estate agent are displayed or the word “sold” and the name, address and telephone number of the estate agent concerned, may be displayed for a period of not exceeding 90 days;

(2) Not more than five directional signs and only on show days indicating the position of a property for sale or to let may be displayed by an estate agent and “show days” shall mean form 12H00 to 17H00 on Sundays only.

Other temporary advertising signs

24.(1)   Any directional sign displayed by the Automobile Association of Southern Africa advertising an event may be displayed without approval contemplated in section 3(1).

(2)     Any advertising sign not exceeding 4m² in extent and not more than 3m above the ground level immediately below it, containing an advertisement relating to a sale in execution consequent upon the decision of a Court of Law or an auction or a sale by a liquidator or a trustee in an insolvent estate to be held on or relating to a property

may be displayed on that property for not more than seven days before the sale or auction, or for more than three days after the conclusion of the sale or auction.

(3)     The Council may approve temporary advertising on property owned by, vested in or controlled by it for a period not exceeding 180 days.

Advertisements on construction sites

25.(1)   The Council must, for the purposes of considering an application in terms of section

3(3) for an advertisement to be displayed on the boundary or fence of or scaffolding on a construction site for a period set out in the building schedule but not exceedin

12 months, have regard to the following considerations :

(a)        The zoning of the property concerned in terms of an applicable town planning scheme and the general ambience of the area where the proposed sign is to be displayed;

(b)        the aesthetic effect of the sign on the amenity of the area concerned and its surroundings;

(c)        the area of control set out in Schedule 1, applicable to the property concerned and its surroundings; and

(d)       the distance of the proposed sign from every other approved and existing advertising sign within a radius of 200m

(2)     An advertisement specified in subsection (1) is only allowed in an urban area of partial or minimum control and

(a)       may only be permitted on scaffolding which is against a building under construction or on a hoarding, fence or wall on the boundary of a construction site which has been erected to enclose that site during construction;

(b)        may only be erected if it will conceal an unsightly condition arising out of the use to which the property concerned is put and if such sign will make a positive contribution to the visual environment; and

(c)        may not be placed on the top of a boundary fence or wall unless it is positioned so that there is no gap between the advertisement and the wall or fence. 

Stone our weekly cleaner/gardener
Greig Street Garden

Problem areas - Le Roux

Water damming up - Ge Korsten/Chris Barnard

Our problem child Harry Gaulaun/Albertyn


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